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get rid of cable today!

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How To Watch TV Without Cable or Satellite

Stop Paying For Hundreds Of Cable Channels You Don't Watch And Save Your Money Starting Today!

Do you hate how high your cable has become?

Do you wish there was a less expensive way to watch your favorite cable TV shows and sports?

I found with my Roku I could watch all my favorite shows on such services like Netflix, Hulu, or live TV on Sling TV or PlayStation Vue or on other channels that Roku has for free. Now doesn't that sound like one of the best alternatives to cable?

Best TV for cord cutters

Cable Alternatives Roku

Do you ever wish you could spend your off time catching up on all your favorite TV shows? Watch an entire season of them in one day?

Want to find that special movie that's hard to find on cable channel?

Chances are if you are like most people you probably only watch about a handful of channels that are your favorites.

So how can you still get all the cable TV shows you know and love?

Streaming to your TV with Roku media streaming player you get hundreds of channels that provide for almost every niche out there. Many if not most are free and this site will be your guide to finding them.

Check out the features that Roku has to offer!

  • Free channels
  • Subscription channels from the most popular service providers like Netflix and Hulu
  • HD quality picture resolution.

Alternatives to Comcast

Learn about the many channels and services you can get through Roku for free! Watch any kind of shows and movies without cable TV. See how millions of Americans have said goodbye to service providers like Comcast and made the switch to see TV live streaming.

So what are the benefits to this alternative?

  • I saved money with no expensive monthly cable TV bill

  • Binge watch all my favorite movies and TV shows without a need for a cable TV box

  • Watch TV whenever I want

  • Add or drop channel subscriptions as I wanted (almost all paid channels offer no commitment/ no contract subscriptions)

  • Watch only what I want when I want (and I might add as much as I want)

  • Pay for only what I want

  • Plus there are hundreds of free channels without cable that I can watch with movies and TV shows galore (I will blog about shows you can find on Roku channels)

  • Roku has “Private Channels” aka experimental channels. They are channels that are not on the Roku marketplace but have programing you can watch if you know where to look for them. (Learn more about Roku Private channels)

What do you need to get started:

cut the cord

Best Roku channels for cord cutters

Streaming with Roku it’s easier than ever to cut the cord, ditch cable and watch your favorite cable TV shows and sports.

No more do I need to pay for hundreds of channels I never watch. Many of the channels I watch are free and any subscription channels I watch wind up being cheaper per year than if I had to pay for cable.

Read my reviews on what Roku channels are great for cord cutters like us.

Which TV streaming devices are right for you?

There are different media streaming devices and each has unique benefits that can work for anyone looking to cut the cord. Learn about the advantages of each device so you can make an educated decision.

Find out which Roku streaming device is right for you before you buy.



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