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Hidden Roku Channels

Roku has hundreds of channels that offer practically everything your heart desires. You can browse through their channel marketplace and find many of them but did you know that there are many more channels offered as “Private Roku Channels” or beta channels?

Channel Pear Live TV Channels

Private Roku Channels-Channel Pear

Best Alternative To Cable-Channel Pear

Channel Pear is a free private Roku channel that offers dozens of live network and cable channels as well as video streams like 24/7 Star Wars and Star Trek or 24/7 Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings.

Private Roku Channels-Channel Pear

Alternatives To Cable-Channel Pear

Channel Pear offers FREE and premium subscriptions to its channel. With the free subscription you can get up to 5 channels on your account. With a paid monthly subscription you can add more channels to your account.

The good thing with the FREE subscription you can always drop any of the 5 channels you have on your account and add others to replace them. Then when you want you can always switch back. You just can’t have more than 5 channels at any time.

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How Do You Add Private Roku Channels To Your Roku?

Adding Private Roku Channels to your Roku’s channel lineup is easy but it requires you manually adding the channel to your account on Roku’s website.

When you add Channel Pear to your account you will need the channel’s invitation/ channel code.

When asked to enter the channel code you must enter: channelpear

Learn how to add Private Roku Channels in a few easy steps.

Cable Alternatives Roku

With Roku you can have all your favorite TV shows, movies and sports. Watch what you want when you want. Roku offers so much more TV value for the money you spend so why be a hostage to cable TV?

Don’t you hate when you come home after a long day at work, you pick up the remote and start flipping through the channels and find absolutely nothing worth watching? What about vegging out on the couch wishing you could watch an entire season of your favorite TV show and all cable offers is one episode maybe 2 at that time?

With Roku it’s easy to catch up on and follow all of your favorite shows and the latest movies!

Roku’s user interface makes it easy to switch channels, browse channels in their Channel Marketplace and search for channels, TV shows and movies.

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Roku Private Channels: Roku offers several different media streaming devices to meet your needs.

Roku Private Channels: Roku offers several different media streaming devices to meet your needs.

Roku offers a line of media streaming devices to fit consumer’s different circumstances. Such as price and the kind of TV set you are using.

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