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Roku Private Channels

Hidden Roku Channels

There is so much to get out of Roku private channels that I wanted to make sure my readers know how to add them when I review them on this site. I also will update my posts about each private channel with the code you need to add them to your Roku streaming device.

What are Private Roku Channels?

Hidden Roku Channels

Hidden Roku Channels

Roku private channels are channels you cannot get through the regular Roku channel store. They are not regularly advertised or promoted simply because they are considered “experimental”, requires membership or not for release yet (BETA). Yet there is so much content of all kinds of genres on these channels that you can get for free.

Roku private channels -How do you access them?

When you find a private that you want to add to your Roku device you simply need to take the channel access code or invitation code for that channel and add it to your Roku account. Most of this you will do on your computer.

My Roku Account

So on you computer:

  1. Go to and log in to the account you set up when you first installed your Roku device.
  2. Access the My Account page.
  3. Click the link Add A Channel

    Under Manage Account click Add a Channel to add a Roku private channel

    Roku private channels-Under Manage Account click Add a Channel.

  4. Type in the “channel access code” aka “channel invitation code” in the box provided.
    Enter the channel code to add your Roku private channel

    Enter the channel code and click Add Channel to add your Roku private channel


  5. Click Add Channel.
  6. Now go to your Roku Device and open Settings
  7. Select System
  8. Then select System Update
  9. Next select Check Now

Your Roku will automatically download any new private channels you’ve added. It will now appear in the same list of channels you see on your home screen. Then when you want to view that channel you can select it like you would any of the other channels.

Private Roku channels -How do you find them?

There are many websites that list free and private Roku channels. You can easily search by typing in “Private Roku Channels” into the search engine. You can then choose which channels you want to try out.

Roku private channels Top Directories: is a directory website that lists Roku private channels and you can browse their list by category. is another directory that lists private Roku Channels and you can also browse them either from A-Z or by category

Each of these sites are free and will give you the channel access code for each channel. Remember you need the code to add it to your Roku account. See step 1.

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get rid of cable today!

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