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Private Roku Channels : Channel Pear

Hidden Roku Channels

Roku has hundreds of channels that offer practically everything your heart desires. You can browse through their channel marketplace and find many of them but did you know that there are many more channels offered as “Private Roku Channels” or beta channels?

Channel Pear Live TV Channels

Private Roku Channels-Channel Pear

Best Alternative To Cable-Channel Pear

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Only with Roku can you get this free channel to watch lots of free movies and TV shows

XTV: A Roku Channel That May Be A Cable Cutter For You

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XTV is a free private Roku channel that hosts network, cable and other channels

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get rid of cable today!

Best Of Roku Private Channels

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It’s easy to find and add new channels to watch on your Roku that you didn’t think existed

Roku has channels that are experimental, requires membership or may contain adult content and for those reasons they don’t want to feature them on their Roku Marketplace. So if you know where to find them Continue reading